You for Being You

PhunWallet is the official mobile app of Phunware’s blockchain-enabled data exchange and mobile loyalty ecosystem where consumers can manage both PhunToken and PhunCoin.

Take Control

Everytime you engage someone, click something or go somewhere, your data is being sold by large technology companies. However, with PhunToken and PhunCoin, you can take steps towards truly owning not only your data, but also how you engage with brands. We believe consumers should be able to tell brands what they are interested in, who they want to hear from and when they change their mind.

Your Data and Engagement have Real Value

PhunWallet gives brands and consumers the ability to measure and track engagement with PhunToken, while unlocking the value of your data with PhunCoin.

You're in Charge

Don't worry. If this is your first time using a distributed ledger technology (aka cryptocurrency), we're here to help. For example: At any time, you can view your history and if you choose to opt out, then we'll ensure no trace is left behind.

Get the App

Available on App Store and Google Play.