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With PhunWallet, you can engage directly with brands and earn PhunToken (PHTK) for simple tasks like completing surveys, watching videos and checking out cool venues and stores. You can also earn for providing liquidity and staking, but more on that later. For now, just remember that the more you accumulate, the higher your level and the better the rewards.

Reward Levels

Rewards based on level
Earn APY on staked balance
Bronze - Bottom 33% of PHTK token holders Bronze Plus - Bottom 33% of Liquidity Pool token holders
Silver - Middle 33% of PHTK token holders Silver Plus - Middle 33% of Liquidity Pool token holders
Gold - Top 33% of PHTK token holders Gold Plus - Top 33% of Liquidity Pool token holders
Platinum - KYC'ed and Whitelisted Liquidity Pool token holders who are staking

You will need PHTK & ETH to participate. Need help getting setup


Only on-chain PHTK qualify. Levels will be associated with a single wallet address. Withdrawal functionality via PhunWallet is pending development, but planned for 2022.

What is PHTK?

PhunToken (PHTK) is an innovative utility token brought to you by Phunware (NASDAQ:PHUN) to power a blockchain-enabled, mobile-first engagement platform that connects brands and consumers.

Brands can now deploy a white-labeled loyalty and rewards ecosystem that leverages blockchain inorder to engage with consumers and reward them for profitable behavior. Consumers are able to opt-inand engage with brands while maintaining full control over their digital identity AND data.

Consumers receive PhunToken in return for profitable behavior such as completing surveys, watching videos or checking into specific locations to participate in marketing campaigns.

Brands can customize user interfaces to rebrand PhunToken within their existing mobile applications to avoid changing consumer behavior and maintain brand awareness. Brands also receive direct, real-time access to deterministic and intent-based data for their target consumers and can reward the right consumers for their engagement.

Branded marketplaces will give consumers the ability to spend PhunToken on valuable goods, services and experiences.

Consumers will be encouraged to hold PhunToken as brands unlock more valuable tiers of rewards for consumers with an auditable record of engaging in profitable behavior.

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